The RM Checklist...

Burn Rubber!!

Rosefield Motors now keep over 100 different types of tyre in stock at all times... and we balance and fit them too!

Believe it or not around 80% of instant MOT failures are thanks to badly worn and / or bald tyres!

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We all know too well just how frustrating it can be when your car throws a hissy fit - the stress, the hassle, the cost...

And finding a good, reliable garage is more often than not, at the top of the list of car related problems!

Many garages try to attract customers with "amazing offers", or "unbeatable deals" or "fantastic promotions"... or even just a catchy slogan!!!

Here at Rosefield Motors, you wont find any gags, gimmicks, slogans or jingles... we wont even promise you "amazing offers" or "unbeatable deals" or even "fantastic promotions"... but what we WILL promise you is the kind of honest, reliable service that has made countless customers happy over the years and keeps them coming back time and time again.

We are driven to help you and always aim to get your car back to you on the same day it is left with us. This happens in 99.9% of cases... however complete engine rebuilds for example may take a day or two longer!

NEWSFLASH! Rosefield Motors maks the tully!!!

Our very own yoga yoda, Kevin Forbes has been featured in the local press... No not because of his fetish for rubber gloves & salad cream, but for heroic deeds in the form of public service and just general common decency. For a change.

Read all about it here.