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Service History...

The importance of maintaining a regular car service history

Car services can be expensive, especially if parts need replacing. For this reason, we tend to postpone the recommended service, sometimes until a problem has arisen which can’t be avoided. There are good reasons to have your car serviced regularly.

An expensive asset!
Cars are more than a luxury. They are an essential item for most families, for getting us to work, transporting children to school and activities, and taking us on holiday. Servicing your vehicle regularly ensures your asset is well looked after and won’t cost you more money in the long run. Your car owner’s manual will recommend how regularly to have it serviced, and which components and systems are most important to check, depending on its make and model.
Service schedule

After your last service, your mechanic will usually attach a sticker to your windscreen recommending the next service, either by date or miles travelled. A general rule of thumb is to have your car serviced every six months, unless there’s a particular repair needed or an obvious malfunction, in which case you need to address the issue straight away to avoid creating more serious damage.

Save Money!
Despite the outlay, servicing your car regularly will cost you less in the short term too, as a well-serviced car requires less fuel, oil and tyres and will be less likely to need costly repairs. An oil change is one of the fundamentals of a standard service, and this helps the engine function smoothly and efficiently and prolongs the life expectancy of the car’s engine. A general car service will include an oil filter change and thorough safety check to ensure your vehicle is road worthy and safe for both your family and other road users.

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