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Burn Rubber!!

Rosefield Motors now keep over 100 different types of tyre in stock at all times... and we balance and fit them too!

Believe it or not around 80% of instant MOT failures are thanks to badly worn and / or bald tyres!

Tyre Treads...

In 2011, defective or under-inflated tyres were a contributory factor in the death of 48 motorists in the UK, and played a part in a further 984 accidents...

Tyres are of fundamental importance to road safety as they provide the only contact a vehicle has with the road.

Basic checks such as making sure tyres are correctly inflated can make all the difference, as the pressurised air inside a tyre has to support the weight of the vehicle and its load.

Tyres must also be well maintained in order to keep the vehicle stable as it travels around corners, work in harmony with the vehicle’s main suspension system and help the vehicle accelerate and brake effectively.

Did you know that most MOT failures are due to bald or excessive wear on tyres?

Police are always on the lookout and hand out penalty points like sweeties for this!

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